Monthly Archives: March 2017

Games will start up again next week!

Thanks to everyone for your patience, it’s been a royal PITA dealing with insurance, and coordinating with contractors, but we will resume a normal game schedule starting next week! Currently there are still trees down blocking the barn parking lot (which you can see if you look at the barn door webcam), but I have […]

Storm Damage Puts Hold On Games Temporarily

Hey guys, we got hit pretty badly by the recent windstorm, we had about 12-13 trees down by our house, one of which hit the house. We also have another 4-5 trees down by the barn (none of which hit the barn), and our street still doesn’t have power. We do have power due to […]

$1/2 NLHE, Wednesday March 8th, 2017 @ 7pm

The March 8th Wednesday night $1/2 No Limit Hold Em (NLHE) game is scheduled for 7pm at Rimdog Barn! (Game Site Directions). Buy-in $100 min $400 max (50bb-200bb).   If there are not at least 6 people signed up for this game by 5pm on Wednesday evening, as per the Rimdog Rules (“Game sign-up/format” section), […]