Monthly Archives: May 2008

Rimdog Barn progress update #2

Carlo made some great progress yesterday, and was up at 4:30am this morning to drive up to Rimdog Barn and lay the foundation of the poker room!   They also bought some bricks to build a retaining wall next to the parking lot: Here’s Carlo smoothing the leveled cement floor — apparently 9 1/2 yards of […]

Rimdog Barn progress update #1

(this is a re-post… sorry for the lost comments…) Wesley Corp. did indeed finish the road on Tuesday, and left Carlo the 15 tons of No.2 crusher stone he needed to get right to work on Rimdog Barn… so the timing has worked out fantastically.   Carlo and his assistant first removed the side-shed and debris […]

Rimdog Barn accouterments

Here’s what we’ve ordered to outfit the barn, in addition to the artwork to adorn the walls: 2 custom decagon poker tables from Regal Poker Tables, outfitted in this manner  (delivered in early August): Table Size: 68″ x 68″ Wood Selection: Cherry Stain: Natural Cherry Fabric: Dark Green Suede 10 large Brass cups Chip wells 12″ […]

Road construction, Day 4

Wow, they really kicked some ass today  on  building Rimdog Road  and got more done than I thought they would!   Everything is essentially done, except that they need to fill in some more No.2 crusher rock in the parking lot area to level it off. Did I say parking lot area?   Yep, have a look at some pictures […]

Road construction, Day 3

Well, they didn’t get as much done today on  building Rimdog Road  as I’d hoped — we essentially had a half day.   They cleared out the soil along the tracks that the road will be going onto, but the ground was fairly moist, so they wanted to let it “breath” for the day. Maybe that’s contractor-speak for […]

Road construction, Day 2

They made some great progress today on  building Rimdog Road… the time consuming part of the road dig is done, having filled in the water-prone low lying area with large rock, and they are more than halfway done with the road.   The latter part of the road should go quicker, except for the one area they […]

A touch of class for the Rimdog Barn…

Some artwork I ordered to adorn the walls of the Rimdog Barn, to give it a touch of class!   Note the poker playing dogs… and Cash… the reclining girl is for you!   I ordered these from, and they’ve arrived already!

Road construction, Day 1

After a slightly delayed start, work on building Rimdog Road commenced today (Tuesday, May 20th)!   Because they are building a brand new road over nothing, they need to excavate down and build up a foundation for the road.   Side note: I think the barn’s address should be “1 Rimdog Way”   🙂 They dug up core […]